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Troll Headline FAIL

adidas balls headline tennis - 6393631232
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And Here I Thought Everyone Napped in a Duffel Bag

news headline duh Probably bad News - 8286821888
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As They Are Wont to Do

lady bits headline accidental sexy bewbs - 8431220992
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It's True, He Really Did Shoot First

headline newspaper star wars nerdgasm fail nation g rated - 8080968704
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Looks Like They Left Discretion Out of the Equation

news headline spelling math - 7175002112
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Would Have Been Too Much Had They Used PedoBear

FAIL innuendo headline bbc UK - 8818013184
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Somehow Your Girlfriend Isn't Going to Buy This Plan

headline accidental sexy newspaper - 8111535104
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Are They Still Talking About Football? FAIL

article college football headline newspaper sports - 5473248256
By Unknown

Totally by Surprise!

irony headline psychic fail nation g rated - 8116765184
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The Least Surprising Headline in Months

news headline Cats fail nation - 8217213952
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Slow News Day? No...

headline slow news day funny newspaper fail nation g rated - 7864063488
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Wait, Ice Cream? No Sale!

headline accidental sexy fail nation - 8101369856
By ichc.chrispeeler (Via Bad Newspaper)

Is It Better To Crush Your Own Dreams or To Have Your Dreams Crush Your Own Pole?

funny fail image olympic pole vaulter faults due to his own penis

This Public Official Knows How to have Their Cake AND Eat it Too

paradox news headline what - 7296108544
Via Criggo

Probably Bad News: Protect The Children!

fail nation g rated headline juxtaposition pedobear Probably bad News - 5689513216
By Betaforce

Citizen Requests Squeegee, Footage at 11

news headline facepalm funny - 7865145600
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