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Embrace Safely, Children

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Created by Unknown

Probably Bad News: He's All Blue

headline innuendo Probably bad News wtf - 6090624768
Via Clearly Dope

It's Not a Real Problem, But it Is Growing

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Created by Unknown

Hey, What's That Sound?

Via Bad Newspaper

Awww, I Was Looking Forward to That!

headline newspaper fail nation g rated - 8161034496
Via I Heart Chaos

Can You Paint With All the Colors of the FAIL?

news paint headline car crash Probably bad News funny fail nation g rated - 7613911808
Via Daily Mail

Hit Me Once, Shame on the Terrible Driver...

headline irony funny newspaper - 7541976832
Created by Unknown

Use Your Words, Finish That Sentence

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Created by Unknown

Common Mistake

news headline funny - 7613893120
Via Criggo

Treatable FAIL

advertisement news headline Probably bad News spelling - 6717966336
Via Criggo

Alibi FAIL

headline Probably bad News funny - 7535204352
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via Bristol Post )

Breaking and Entering and Reporting FAIL

news headline irony burglar - 6852416512
Created by Unknown

We Lost a Good Caboose That Day

headline Probably bad News news - 8158784768
Via ShaneEnochs

AND... ?

headline newspaper - 8289274112
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headline magazine juxtaposition - 8126197504
Via timzee

The Mailbox Clearly Wins Here

drugs headline - 8340071680
Via Bad Newspaper
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