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Wonder if the Old Folks Will Appreciate J-Lo's "Booty" Video?

gym Awkward booty old people - 8370585344
Via Brown Cardigan

The Only Way to Protect Yourself From Gym Farts

gym what weird - 8382565888
Via Acid Cow

Traffic is Terrible in That Gym, Stay Safe!

gym safety first funny - 7878125312
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Inspiration is Not All You Need at the Gym

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Treadmill FAIL

bros gifs gym pants fall down treadmill - 6510960128
Created by Unknown

This is a Bad Start to Your Fitness Plan

gym fitness escalator temporarily stairs irony funny - 7621734144
Created by chickem

This Time, the Workout Equipment Wins

ouch gym workout gifs - 8217226240
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ouch gym workout compilation Video fail nation g rated - 57662721

Your Resolution This Year: Don't FAIL at the Gym Like These People

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Only One Quote Away From Meathead Inspiration

gym wisdom spelling quote - 8459883008
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How Not to Pump Your Bro Up

bros gym FAIL gifs knocked out lifting - 8583080704
Created by tamaleknight
ouch sports gym workout Video - 48713217

This Footwork Drill Goes Terribly Wrong

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Let's Get Physical Education

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bros Drake gym parody working out Video - 74852609

These Gym Bros Take Their Beef With Other Gym Bros to the Drake Level

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The One Time Your Spotter Isn't Watching

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gym FAIL Video snapchat - 174854

Dude Gets Locked In Gym, and Hilariously Documents the Whole Catastrophe

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wtf gym Video working out - 80685569

Your Body Might Be Ready For Summer, But Are Your Shins?

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