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ONLE at Walmart

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This Florida Newspaper Has the Most Unfortunate Ad Placement in Recent Memory

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He's Got Imagination-Piercing Rounds!

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This Woman Attempted to Smuggle a Gun into Jail With Her... Well... You Know...

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This sandwich has too much kick

gifs guns shooting - 5742778112
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guns whoops Video trees - 59754241

If an Idiot Shoots a Tree in a Forest...

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There Goes All My Money

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Probably Bad News: Urine a Lot of Trouble Now

bathroom guns news Probably bad News shooting - 5619881472

It's Like a Holster, but for Idiots

guns safety dangerous g rated fail nation - 8111779328
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It's Got Quite a Kick

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The Dangers of Celebrating While Texan

guns whoops cars - 8426105344
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Take That, Nature!

guns fishing weird - 8070815744
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Valid Question

Youtube video comment pistol funny
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Child Safety FAIL

guns juxtaposition not for kids safety first - 5485749760
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The Jewels Need Protection First

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guns close call boom Video - 71051521

Things Get Way to Close for Comfort at a Shooting Range in El Paso

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