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This sandwich has too much kick

gifs guns shooting - 5742778112
By Unknown
guns news crime america political pictures FAIL - 77325825

Neil McCabe Messed Up Big Time When He Tried to Defend Gun Crime to the UK

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Lucky For This Deer This Hunter Shoots Like A Villain's Henchmen

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Pulling a Gun on a Cop and Then Running Away? Not a Smooth Move

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guns military facepalm army Video fail nation - 68893185

Why is the Gun Not Going Pew-Pew Anymore?

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Probably Bad News: This Case is a Real Shot In The Dark

AMERRICA blind guns irony Probably bad News - 5448590336
By aldama

Dad Takes a Direct Hit

guns gifs parenting kids - 8796955648
Via Cheez_Burglar

50 Cent Special FAIL

AMERRICA food guns marketing promotion wtf - 5435011328
Via Clearly Dope
bad idea guns whoops Video - 69870593

Kid Awkwardly Attempts to Make an SFX Reel, Kid Awkwardly Destroys TV With an Airsoft Gun Instead

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Click, Click, OUCH

guns gifs safety dangerous fail nation g rated - 8087093504
By Unknown

This Florida Newspaper Has the Most Unfortunate Ad Placement in Recent Memory

Via Gawker

ONLE at Walmart

guns facepalm Walmart spelling - 8307450368
By EnigmaticRaevyn

Gun Safety FAIL

ouch guns recoil safety - 7083638272
By Unknown
guns teens white people Video - 74771713

This is the Paradigm of Tweenage Suburbia Boredom

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The Dangers of Celebrating While Texan

guns whoops cars - 8426105344
Via Acid Cow
guns trolling North Korea Video shooting - 73789441

How North Koreans Shoot Guns

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