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grocery store

Thanks, I Was Worried for a Second

what watermelon funny grocery store fail nation g rated - 7771085824
By Unknown

True Representation WIN

merica food engrish grocery store Hall of Fame best of week - 6675475456
By Unknown

Hitching a Ride FAIL

grocery store lazy ride scooter - 6568495360
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You Doing Alright Over There, Tesco?

sign what grocery store - 8294172672
Via tpolisher
FAIL shopping vine faceplant grocery store - 73439233

In The Produce Section Faceplants Are Always Ripe

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The Placement Here Could be Better

pringles display bacon during ramadan
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Price Reduction FAIL

fail nation g rated grocery store marketing math is hard sale - 5451577856
By Unknown


chicken freezer grocery store meat - 6561207040
By Unknown

A Deliciously-Sweet Lie

candy diabeetus grocery store signs - 5517970432
By Jay Holovacs

Peace of Mind FAIL

grocery store Professional At Work wtf - 5608999680
By bacon

This Kid Could be Having the Time of His Life, or the Worst

grocery store shopping parenting - 7994541568
By Unknown

Security FAIL

fail nation g rated grocery store - 6275959808
Via The Clearly Dope
FAIL drunk Video grocery store - 80352001

Grocery Shopping is Hard When You're Drunk and You're the Guy Picking a Fight in the Mirror

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Double Fruit FAIL

food grocery store typo - 5696700416
By DefaultUsername

Don't Upset a Woman Packing a VCR

woman hits store manager with vcr
Via Channel 3000

An Aisle for the Witch in Your Life

Babies sign shopping grocery store fail nation g rated - 7136346368
By Unknown
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