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OW OW OW OW: A Poor Spectator Falls onto a Cactus During This Perfectly Fine Golf Game

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Looks Like Alexander Ovechkin's Golf Swing is Almost as Bad as Charles Barkly's Gnarly Swing

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Your Buddy Might Be a Little Tee'd Off

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Another Day at the Diving Range

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By beernbiccies

Hit the Ball Where it Lies!

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By beernbiccies

Totally Worth it?

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By Unknown
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This is Why You Don't Attempt Drunken Golf Trick Shots

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Just Take a Mulligan on that Hole

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Happy Gilmore Golf Shot Almost Takes off Camera Man's Head

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Tiger Woods Sinks Three Balls in the Water Warming Up For the Tournament that Benefits His Own Foundation

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That's One Way to Get a Birdie in Golf

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Might Want to Take a Mulligan on That Shot

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Stick and Ball Coordination is Good (if You Have it)

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These New Water Obstacles Seem Oddly-Familiar

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How Many Strokes is a Baboon Hazard on the Golf Course?

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