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That Was a "Pull" Glass Wall, Not "Push"

ouch gifs glass crash - 8437480960
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Dropped Something FAIL

cars driving glass window - 6852415232
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Disasters of Ikea

furniture table ikea glass fail nation g rated - 7000912896
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door fail nation g rated glass Video walking YT video - 38582273


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glass ouch Video fail nation - 57026561

It Turns Out You CAN'T Break 10 Panes of Glass With Your Head

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We've All Been There

ouch gifs glass - 8289279744
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Those Are Some Clean Windows

ouch gifs glass - 8149508352
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Bullseye... Sort of

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FAIL glass bbc bridge Video - 237319

Not Sure That Swinging a Sledgehammer to a Glass Bridge is Inspiring Confidence When it Ends Up Like This

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Exiting FAIL

glass Hall of Fame spill - 6161747200
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Revolving FAIL

crash glass ouch - 6570656000
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door FAIL oops glass Video burglar - 307975

As If Glass Doors Needed to Be Any More Confusing

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Sometimes You Just Decide You Need to Break in the Hardest Way Possible

funny fail gif breaking through a glass door the hardest way possible
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Glass Table FAIL

broken glass table - 6497569024
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