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How Hard Could it Really be to Screw Up This "Wheel of Fortune" Answer?

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Somehow This is the Worst Final Round in Family Feud History

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The Best and Worst Game Show Answers in TV History

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The Wackiest Moments in Japanese Game Show History

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And Here I Thought That Was Aerosmith...

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Via Thom Yorke's Manhood
Funny stupid moments from game shows

Silly and Stupid Game Show Moments That Made Us Lose Faith In Humanity

There are some people in this world who make you really feel good about your own intellectual capabilities. In other words, their stupidity is astounding. Unfortunately for these people, that stupidity was displayed on national television for everyone to witness. If these people are an indication of average intelligence, then we fear for the state of humanity. Yikes. Guess you don't have to be smart to get onto a game show, after all.
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Buck Be On the Ass Tonight?

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Answer of the Day: Family Feud Contestant Says Doctor Would Pull Gerbil Out of Someone

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More of the Best Game Show Answers Ever!

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With a Little Editing, Alex Trebek Sounds Like a Total Nutcase

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Door Number Three Features a Concussion!

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Failing at Spelling AND Disney Trivia in One Go

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Nobody Knows About Regis and Kelly on This Episode of "Wheel of Fortune"

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In One Picture, the Whitest and Most Awkward Moment of "Jeopardy!" Ever

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This Video of Japanese Men Trying to Pronounce 'Massachusetts' Is All the Proof We Need That Japan Game Shows Are the Best

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"Something About the Infinity Crafts, I Dunno"

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