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Memes poking fun at the oscars 2019 academy awards ceremony and those attending and their outfits and dresses

The Best Oscar 2019 Memes That Will Have You Smiling At Your Phone Like An Idiot (28 Memes)

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Need More Web Comics in Your Life?

breaking bad funny web comics - 7846449664
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People Reveal Awkward First Date Stories| Thumbnail text - Eastern_Ad626 17 days ago i was seeing this guy from tinder and he asked me to come pregame at his place for our third or fourth date. i was so excited. finally got there and this man had a whole ass ring light and tripod set up for us to film tik toks. i nearly passed out Reply Share

People Reveal Awkward First Date Stories

Being awkward is a lifestyle
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freak out news chicken rooster funny Video fail nation g rated - 50528001

Somebody isn't a Fan of the Rooster

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So That's Where Nemo Went...

engrish fish funny - 7427238400
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They Sell Apples Here, Right?

engrish knockoff funny seems legit g rated fail nation - 7887720192
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pretty women making ugly faces | attractive girl posing and same girl crossing her eyes and making a silly face

Pretty Women Making Not So Pretty Faces

It's a story of transformation.
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Lord Grant Me Chastity, But Not Yet...

placement funny pope francis - 7522487808
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Deep Thoughts, Deep Questions

sign deep funny - 7782589696
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It Was an Unavoidable Tragedy

parking lot cars funny parking fail nation g rated - 7519250944
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Canadians Take Their Hockey Very Seriously

oh canada hockey receipt funny - 7435873280
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Jackson County Has its First "I AM THE LAW" Code

irony funny politics newspaper - 7763687936
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We All Make Mistakes in Life

cars soap funny - 7534893312
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ouch zip line funny Video - 53617921

Load Testing the Zip-Line

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gym treadmill funny Video working out fail nation - 51931393

Running on a Treadmill at 25 MPH is as Hard as it Sounds

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The Class of Facepalm

roman numerals facepalm spelling funny g rated fail nation - 7887517952
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