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Roker Plays Along FAIL

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These Pants Are Made for Freezing

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Ironically, Elsa Has No Chill

funny fail image Ironically, Elsa Has No Chill
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They're Blue For More Than One Reason

snow Probably bad News frozen - 6990860288
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Bathroom FAIL

bathroom frozen ice - 6510760960
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Who Doesn't Like a Boat-cicle?

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Squeegee-cicle FAIL

cold winter frozen - 6933539584
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Frozen Monstrosity FAIL

dessert food frozen popsicle - 6585718784
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Get Over It, Just Like Elsa Did!

whoops cards frozen fail nation g rated - 8433694720
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Unnecessarily Censored Frozen

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bad idea language peeing frozen Video - 57544705

Peeing at 17 Below Zero is Just About as Painful as You'd Expect

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Wait For It frozen Video - 60328705

This Kid Represents How We (and Probably You) Feel About Covers of "Let it Go"

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This Guy Chose the Wrong Parking Space

cars frozen - 7133153536
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Subzero Temperatures and a Hot Tub? Recipe for a Cool Frost-stache

mustache winter frozen - 8397212928
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Some Places in the US Are Getting Very, Very Cold

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Carcicle FAIL

cars frozen flood - 7027738624
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