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Ferociously Dissatisfied KFC Customer Leaves Amazing, Scathing Review of a Literal Shit Sandwich

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Some People Take Their Daily Fruit and Veggie Requirement VERY Seriously

food what weird - 8326326016
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This is How You Recycle Easter Candy

candy easter christmas food funny holidays - 7921909760
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One of The Main Ingredients FAIL

bacon food ingredients Professional At Work - 5483780096
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Can I Get a Combo Platter?

engrish accidental gross food fail nation - 8110507008
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These Were Supposed to be "Pink Ribbon Cupcakes" for Breast Cancer Awareness. Whoops.

cancer cupcakes food fail nation - 8343943680
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Gold Coin and Gem Flavor

food engrish doritos fail nation g rated - 8303906304
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All bases covered.

FAIL food - 8565429248
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Close Enough

Close Enough pancakes food funny Nailed It - 7614317312
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Kosher FAIL

kosher food bacon fail nation g rated - 7117483520
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Stop Making Judgments About Our Feathered Friends, Jeez!

food engrish menu fail nation g rated - 7910226432

I Hope This Was 33% Off FAIL

food pizza product fail wtf - 5705944320
Created by mahfouda

This Isn't the Healthiest Way to Diet

pizza you had one job food fail nation g rated - 7094517248
FAIL work vending machine food Video - 213767

The Robot Overlords Have Started With Depriving You of Your Energy Drinks

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The Fish Are Just Sleeping!

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Watch Out For Those Eating Tricks From Your McMom

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