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In-Flight Entertainment Has Really Taken a Nosedive

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Riding in Style

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This Boeing 777 Pilot Gets the Right Idea and Doesn't Try to Land in These Crazy Winds

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flight attendants talk about the mile high club

13 Flight Attendants Share People's Hilarious Attempts At Trying To Join The 'Mile High Club'

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Missing the Point FAIL

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Blatantly Lying On Social Media Attention For Attention? Check!

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Forget the GoPro and Mount a Handgun to Your Drone Instead

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"Passenger Shaming" Shows Us That Airline Travel Really Brings Out the Worst in All of Us

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What Happened On This Flight is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Keep Your Window Closed on Flights

fail facebook image tire bursts on flight from Amsterdam and passengers alert pilot for emergency landing
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Funny screenshots from the subreddit /r/QuitYourBullshit | yearbook photo of a girl and photo of same girl as an adult: careful who call ugly middle school zz No one called u ugly went same school just post ur pic and go. tweet by LilNasX nobody bullied big boy. AJC not angry Lil Nas X addresses those who bullied him coming out

Dimwitted People That Lied And Got Called Out For It

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Something Tells Me They Won't Want to Take Up That Offer

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This is Why You Close the Window Shade During Take Off

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This Captain's Frustrated Flight Announcement is the Equivalent of Your Dad Threatening To Pull the Car Around

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One Man Deployed the Emergency Exit on a Plane... to Leave Early and Get Fresh Air

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Some People Have a Fear of Flying. Then There's This Guy.

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And You Thought it Was Just Weather That Delayed Planes

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