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Gross and funny tumblr fish thread | REI tilthat Follow TIL ocean there exists biotic cleaning stations, where fish will go be serviced by certain species fish and shrimp who remove dead skin and parasites. via bogleech Follow Different fish wait line and even though most marine fish are predators they tend treat station as like peaceful zone

Quick Tumblr Thread on the Impostor Cleaner Fish

One of the many jerks of the sea.
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Not How Fishing Works FAIL

news river fish headline Probably bad News fishing - 6675481088
Via Criggo
picture of laughing sharks and caption about funny fish puns

Dude Tries to Complain About a Terrible Sandwich on Twitter, Ends Up With an Awesome Lyrical Pun Battle Instead

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Business Model FAIL

Ad business cars fish meat truck wait what - 5415543552
By Unknown
naked FAIL bite fish Video - 73430529

This Fish Just Proved That Even if You Live in the Ocean, the Thirst Can Be Real

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fish Video win - 160262

Watch This Fish Pull off a Miracle as It Comes Back to Life at the Worst Possible Moment

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FAIL fish classic Video - 80785921

When You Lose Your Phone, Fish, And Pride All at Once

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fishing FAIL mother nature fish Video - 79851521

This Eagle Does Not Give a F*ck About How Much Time You Put in Catching That Fish

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fishing fish Video - 75640065

Watch This Troll of a Grouper Fish Drag Around a Spear Fisherman After Stealing His Fish

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furniture FAIL shopping rant fish Video ebay - 75607809

What Do 40 Tropical Fish and a Table and Chairs Have in Common? Nothing, and That's Why This Woman is Upset

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So That's Where Nemo Went...

engrish fish funny - 7427238400
By doggylolz
List of funny Donald Trump koi memes.

Trump Dumps Fish Food In Koi Pond, Becomes An Instant Meme

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Eye-opening twitter thread about professor doing a class on fish fraud | Dr.Jen M @AwesomeBioTA Josue sequenced some red snapper put money on being tilapia and right. Someone owes 5. His lab partner, Juanni, sequenced Atlantic Salmon. Comes back as Rainbow trout. Unsurprising. Not same species AT ALL, but unsurprising.

Twitter Thread Exposing Fish Fraud Is Both Eye-Opening & Revolting

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This Statue Commemorates the Special Love That Only a Man and Sturgeon Can Have

accidental sexy fish statue - 8005940736
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The Fish Are Just Sleeping!

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