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FAIL fireworks Video cereal - 82079745

Snap, Crackle, Pop! Cereal All in Your Face

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Safety FAIL

fireworks fourth of july - 6399301888
By Unknown
whoops fireworks Video fail nation - 66186241

Fireworks: An Infinite Source of Unintentional Mayhem

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fireworks chicago Video - 71597569

Things Are Tough on the Streets of Chicago With All These Fireworks Fights

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Fun Memories FAIL

4th of july fireworks holidays old people fail nation g rated - 6568451584
Via Criggo
fireworks FAIL fourth of july - 284677

Take Some Firework Advice From Those That Have FAILed Before You

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No More Tacos on 4th of July

fireworks 4th of july pranks funny - 7592311040
By Unknown
explosion whoops fireworks Video fail nation - 46057729

Fireworks Festival FAIL

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fireworks toilet - 75683073

These Guys Try to Unclog a Toilet With the Most Logical Pipe Cleaner: a Firecracker

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This is What Happens When You Cook Sausage in a Fireworks Factory

news fire facepalm fireworks funny - 7887493120
Via Metro

Brought to You by the Exploding Irony Fireworks Company

fireworks irony funny - 7634832896
Via Laughing Squid
China dangerous fireworks Video fail nation - 58677761

In China the Fireworks Don't Just Fly Into the Sky, They Fly AT YOU in This Insane Festival

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The Not-So-Magic Kingdom

disneyland fireworks - 7938319360
By Unknown

The Braves Had Some Pyrotechnic Malfunctions, but in an Amazingly Patriotic Way

baseball america flag fireworks whoops fail nation g rated - 8140770048
Via Deadspin
bad idea fireworks Video - 63472129

Classic: Fireworks Inside? Didn't Mom Say Something About Not Trying This?

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explosion fireworks Video fail nation - 57239041

Is This Explosion a Fireworks FAIL or an Accidental WIN?

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