16 People's Triumphant "Fire Me, I Don't Care" Stories

What happens when an incompetent manager threatens to fire an employee they completely depend upon? Bluffs are called.

internet shares fire me I don't care moments and they do not disappoint
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Via Abelaj50
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This guy is definitely not "lovin' it."

A McDonald's employee in St. Paul, Minnnesota went on a rampage this past weekend, and the whole thing was captured on video by one of the customers.

He storms back and forth knocking down everything in sight, leaving quite a mess while everyone else in the store watches.

The scene is a bit like the kid who tore through a dollar store last year, but with a lot more screaming and profanity.

He had just been fired, according to the uploader, which triggered the McMeltdown.

This isn't exactly the McDonald's experience depicted in their new "Pay With Lovin'" campaign.