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Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

This Doesn't Seem Like an Appropriate Reaction

news accident fire - 7234019584
Created by Unknown

This Was Supposed to Be a Cool Music Video Shoot, Then FIRE Happened

gifs fire bad day - 8139611648
Via Know Your Meme

Cooking Cajun Style Tonight?

cooking fire funny - 7796201216
Created by Unknown

Paint Jobs Imitate Life

fire cars truck irony fail nation g rated - 8149483008
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fire cars driving lamborghini Video - 74827521

Driving a Lamborghini is So Hot Right Now

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Too Many Barrels, Evidently

explosion fire cars irony - 6875361280
Created by Unknown

A Shoryuken Gone Very Wrong

ouch gif bad idea fire funny fail nation - 7670575104
Created by Unknown
fire gas station Video - 37853441

Gas Station FAIL

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Wow What a Hot Car

Via f**kchasedillon

Never Forget About the Ol' Airbag Chair

funny fail gif airbag chair explosion joke
Via Andersms83

You Don't Need a Reason to Act a Fool When You're This Drunk

gifs fire bonfire what fail nation g rated - 8210341888

Leaving The Iron On FAIL

burning fire Hall of Fame laundry womenamirite - 5939479552
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fire Video - 59913473

The Last Thing on Your Birthday Wish List: More Hairspray

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Barbecue Season FAIL

barbecue cooking fire fire extinguisher food pool - 6545851904
Via Reddit

That Should Stop the Meddling!

scooby doo fire cars van fail nation g rated - 8371469056
Via austin9269
FAIL fire Walmart Video - 86016769

Looks Like Walmart Is Up In Flames These Days, Folks

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