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Motorbike FAIL

crash fence gifs - 6345609984
Created by Unknown
fence flip ouch Video - 35454209

Fence Acrobatics FAIL

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How To Tell Your Friend Isn’t A Genius

gif FAIL fence - 8510118400
Created by kacerosky ( Via Jason Starkes )

Security is at an All-Time High

security fence genius fail nation g rated - 8151044352
Via lejaybles

Ninja Dog or Resilient Fence?

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fence Video - 78937601

This Fence Is No Match for Stella

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Manifest Destiny FAIL

fence DIY funny - 7534988800
Created by Unknown
fence duh Video - 44922881

What Did You Expect FAIL

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Instant Karma FAIL

fence kick soccer ball - 6237414912
Created by Unknown

Hanging Around FAIL

fence underwear wedgie whoops - 6619271936
Created by Unknown
China fence highway Video - 39698177

Chinese Road Fence FAIL

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All This Kid Will Want For Christmas Will Be Those Front Teeth Back

Via 4gifs

Nice Gate, but Where's the Fence?

sign fence irony funny gate - 7672294912
Created by gjacobsdwh

Climbing a Fence FAIL

climbing fence pants fall down - 6519434240
Created by Unknown

Squirrel FAIL

fail nation fence gifs g rated Hall of Fame jump squirrel - 6191729920
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