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McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks Give New Meaning to Empty Calories

fast food image McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks Give New Meaning to Empty Calories
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You Can Taste the Sweet, Greasy Irony

diabetes McDonald's irony fast food fail nation g rated - 8371454720
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Diet Plan FAIL

diet irony fast food - 7187559168
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Good Thing I Wore My Sweats! FAIL

fail nation fast food hacked McDonald's p33n signs - 5617115392
By molly m

Close Enough FAIL

cars clever fast food Hall of Fame - 5778195200
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Stopping For a Snack FAIL

snack fitness McDonald's irony fast food working out - 6746817536
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I Prefer My Tea a Little Worked Up, Thanks

facepalm tea spelling fast food - 7000924160
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Probably Bad News: Mugshot of The Year

AMERRICA fast food McDonald's Probably bad News wtf - 5440088576
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McDonald's Keeps it Honest

advertising McDonald's fast food - 7401900032
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Is This Gym Motivation, or Exactly the Opposite?

motivation gym fast food - 7166692352
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And to Think Some Stores Give Away the Vermin for Free!

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Drive-Thru FAIL

drive thru fast food horse - 6393666048
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caught FAIL gross work health fast food Video - 73282049

After The Way She Prepared This Burger, This Checkers Employee is About to be Bunemployed

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One Word: FAIL

sign genius fast food - 7133516800
By Unknown

A Little on the Nose With That Sign

sign kfc food fast food - 8437475328
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Tacos Have That Effect on You

taco bell farts fast food newspaper - 8193409024
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