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Probably Bad News: Mugshot of The Year

AMERRICA fast food McDonald's Probably bad News wtf - 5440088576
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That's a Horse of a Different Color!

news McDonald's funny weird fast food horse - 7682812416
Created by domKaos ( Via BBC )

Unfortunately, We're Open

drive thru broken fast food - 6926084864
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Drive-Thru FAIL

drive thru fast food fat wheelchair - 6276948480
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Tasted Like a Mini Gluten Free Cheese Sandwhich

Tasted Like a Mini Gluten Free Cheese Sandwhich
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24 Hilarious Food Jokes That Will Make You Ask For More

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They're Finally Advertising It FAIL

fast food juxtaposition McDonald's poop - 5563946496
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A Little on the Nose With That Sign

sign kfc food fast food - 8437475328
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Drive-Thru FAIL

drive thru fast food horse - 6393666048
Created by Unknown

Probably Bad News: The Other Other White Meat

fast food innuendo McDonald's Probably bad News wtf - 5705557760
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Personal Space FAIL

funny fast food - 7572861952
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KFC's Newest Menu Item? Deep-Fried Towel

food fast food gross fail nation - 8241645056
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rage freakout fast food Video - 68245761

She Wants Food and Everyone in This Fast Food Joint is Going to Hear it!

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customer service fast food Video fail nation - 58795777

Granny Gets a Surprise on Her Fast Food Receipt

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How Many Fries Would You Like With That?

prank fast food - 7093895680
Created by Unknown

It's True, Fast Food is Dangerous

cars fast food irony sign - 8337416192
Via johnnyzhivago
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