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Firm and Tight Grip FAIL

fap no thanks tools - 6530199552
By Unknown

Ironic Name FAIL

fap fox news - 6275840256
By Unknown

Every Male's Teenage Years in GIF Form

fap gifs sexy times - 8121958656
Via Brown Cardigan

Solo Play FAIL

news headline advertisement band performance fap wording accidental sexy Probably bad News - 6696670208
Via Criggo

Not-So-Hidden Message FAIL

acronym fail nation fap innuendo letters Professional At Work - 5613433856
By Jurgen1996

Probably Bad News: Jenny McCarthy is Prepared

fap milf Probably bad News - 6164367872
By CaptDarrion
fap Probably bad News pr0n Video - 66949889

A Spanish Theater Group is Selling Fapping Material Instead of Tickets... for Tax Benefits

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Probably Bad News: Dafuq Did I Just Read?

fail nation fap Hall of Fame Probably bad News - 6249716480
By Unknown

The Derranged Mind of a Serial Fapper

news fap oh god why Probably bad News fail nation - 8047047424
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The Billboard-Sized Fap Experience

billboard fap accidental sexy pr0n sexy times fail nation - 8278877184
Via Acid Cow

Proud of Your Hobby FAIL

fap if you know what i mean sexy times - 6854746880
By Unknown

You Can Just Do That in Public?

sign fap accidental sexy not what it looks like fail nation - 8063432448
Via Reddit

This Takes a Special Kind of Talent

fap drugs news - 8030642432
By Unknown

Acronym FAIL

accident acronym fap shirt whoops - 6577085952
By Unknown
fap Video Game Coverage PlayStation 4 - 75705089

Have You Ever Loved Gaming so Much You Rubbed One Out in Front of a Console?

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New Spiderman! Now Comes With Extra Webbing

Via toddjunk
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