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Beliebers Don't Have Rhythm and Justin Bieber Isn't Afraid To Let Them Know, Even in the Middle of a Song

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That Moment Everyone Realizes You're Too Invested in Your Sports Team

fail image sports fan ends up passed out drunk and pantless in stadium bathroom
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sports baseball butt stuff fans Video - 66311

A Classy Cubs Fan Rubs a Hat on Her Butt, Throws it into the Field

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Spelling Correctly Is Not An Option FAIL

fans Hall of Fame signs spelling sports - 5407335168
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sports vine basketball fans funny - 56640257

Now This is How You Get Fans Involved in Basketball

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Classic Raiders Fan

fans idiots nfl sports - 7978137600
Created by Bobby_Joe

Reacting to Your Fanbase FAIL

Music billboard justin bieber gross fans - 6653898752
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Sports FAILure: Let's Try That Again

banner fans flag soccer sports upside down - 5457085952
Created by Ivan Sosa