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It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughׄ

fake news Video - 38223873

News Team Fakes Sandstorm FAIL

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Now That's Some Award-Winning Fake Typing

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The Realest Fakes FAIL

fake knockoff sale watch - 6532991488
By Unknown
fake pregnancy - 74003201

A 16-Year Old Faked a Triplet-Pregnancy Thanks to

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What Every Political Rally Photo Op ACTUALLY Looks Like

Via Spectator

Landlord FAIL

landlord design fake cheap - 6739495680
By Unknown
facepalm fake Video oscars - 68051201

"American Sniper" is Nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, but Clearly That Wasn't Because of its Fake Baby Prop

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fake parenting mom Video fail nation - 64324097

Definitely Probably Fake of the Day: Mom Interrupts This Rap Genius From Definitely Making the Best Music Video of All Time

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fake nelson mandela sign language - 56938497

Impostor of the Day: Jimmy Kimmel Brings in a Sign Language Interpreter to Translate Mandela Memorial Fake

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Next Time, Read the Bill

counterfeit facepalm fake bill genius funny - 7795952384
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dude parts fake public transportation Subway Video - 65356545

Probably Fake of the Day: One Man Gets a Little too Excited at Exactly the Wrong Time

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Manufactured Hype

news facepalm fake g rated fail nation - 7950753536
By Unknown

CNN's Live Reporting Continues to Reach new Lows

live news cnn fake funny fail nation - 7439191552
Via Neatorama

Caught Fake-Handed

Via Tumblr

If You Ever Needed Confirmation that British Tabloids Are Just as Bad as the Yanks'

dude parts headline fake newspaper - 8225808384
Via garyu69
rage fake funny Video fail nation - 56526849

We've Been Had! This Story of Terrible Tippers is Probably Bunk.

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