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customer service We Hope That Helps

"We Hope That Helps" is the Customer Service That Facebook Pages Need

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hoverboard FAIL facebook Video - 162311

Mike Tyson's Biggest Knockout Came Courtesy of a Hoverboard

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This WIll Make 90's Kids FacePlank

This WIll Make 90's Kids FacePlank
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Facebook FAIL

article facebook - 6257748992
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reviews FAIL list restaurant facebook hacked business - 1036037

Someone Finally Got Tired of People Giving Shitty Reviews About Their Bar and in a Totally (Un)Professional Move, Defended Themselves Online

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Shameless Social Media Drama is a Wild Ride

funny fail image shameless facebook family drama long
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commercial jobs Awkward facebook money Video - 283399

This Tire Shop in Lancashire's Social Media Marketing is Straight Up Accidentally Hilarious

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Grandma's Probably The One Who Posted It

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Let Me Guess...

customer service pizza hut failbook facebook - 8817601024
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What Happened On This Flight is Exactly Why You Shouldn't Keep Your Window Closed on Flights

fail facebook image tire bursts on flight from Amsterdam and passengers alert pilot for emergency landing
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Home is Where You've Never Been

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FAIL embarrassing parenting TV facebook - 153607

When You're Trying to Have Your 15-Minutes of Fame, But Your 4-Year Old Won't Behave Well On Live TV

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cringe, reddit, facebook, social media, facepalm, fail, toxic | knuckle tattoos misspelling you're next | FRIEND HAVE EXPLAIN OTHER FRIENDS BEFORE THEY MEET WNTO uh yeah hes really into airsoft and dressing up military stuff. no hes not military

20 Tough Guys Who Tried Very Hard To Seem Badass

Some people need to relax
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New York Millennials tell you everything you need to know about millenials and about new york

Facebook of The Day: 'Millennials of New York' Perfectly Nails The Spirit of That Generation

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Smells Like Some Peoples' Spelling Stinks

poop FAIL facebook spelling classic dating - 8819066880
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Funny posts on social media written by people who were clearly lying | SpongeBob O @SpongeBob GIF Uh realize never seen SpongeBob's backyard 68 27 165 1.543 Tweeti çevir SpongeBob Facts spongbo 8dk v SPONGEBOB FACT classic episode Naughty Nautical Neighbors, SpongeBob's backyard can clearly be seen might want delete this official SpongeBob account Uh GIF 22:55 28 Eyl 19 saatinde Spredfast app 27 15 133

Bold Times People Attempted To Get Away With Blatant BS

Shoulda put a little more thought into these lies!
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