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Too Many Barrels, Evidently

explosion fire cars irony - 6875361280
By Unknown
explosion bad idea compilation boom Video - 70100993

Dangerous, Explosive Fails!

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Taking a Smoke Break FAIL

cars explosion gifs wtf - 5676446720
By Unknown
russia explosion cartoons Video - 71063809

Why in the World Did This Russian Woman's Car Explode?

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explosion whoops soda Video fail nation - 65944577

They Can't Make Their Own Soda, But These People Are Great at Making a Mess

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explosion Wait For It basketball Video - 48465665

You Won't Guess What Happens to This Basketball

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cars explosion fire Hall of Fame Professional At Work Video - 33426433

Simple Oil Change FAIL

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lighter explosion whoops smoking Video - 67879681

Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health, Though Probably Not in the Way You See in This Video

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Dry Ice FAIL

explosion fail nation gifs g rated Hall of Fame ouch science - 5944625664
By Unknown

29-Year-Old Thief Died Trying to Rob A Condom Machine

Via ABC News

Weapons of Mass Inflation

explosion news whoops Probably bad News - 7765370880
Via Metro

Cool Transport FAIL

cars explosion fire irony - 5567122432
By Kyle Mason
cars explosion fail nation Video wtf YT video - 35845377

Poop Everywhere FAIL

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explosion whoops army Video - 69777921

Practicing With Live Grenades Goes Wrong in the Chinese Army

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Porta-Potty FAIL

explosion launch porta potty - 6393646592
By Unknown

Looks Like the Soda Went POP!

explosion soda cold food - 7014549248
Via Bits and Pieces
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