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29-Year-Old Thief Died Trying to Rob A Condom Machine

Via ABC News
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Simple Oil Change FAIL

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Poop Everywhere FAIL

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Firecracker Safety FAIL

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Created by JMJMad1
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Is This Explosion a Fireworks FAIL or an Accidental WIN?

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A Photographer Was Able to Capture a Huge Fireworks Factory Explosion in Colombia. Turn Down Your Headphones Now.

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They Can't Make Their Own Soda, But These People Are Great at Making a Mess

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This Is Why Landlords Demand a Security Deposit

this is why landlords demand a security deposit
Via FowelBallz

Cool Transport FAIL

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Created by Kyle Mason

Porta-Potty FAIL

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Created by Unknown
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Fireworks Festival FAIL

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Why in the World Did This Russian Woman's Car Explode?

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Taking a Smoke Break FAIL

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Weapons of Mass Inflation

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Via Metro

Dry Ice FAIL

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Nobody Knows What Caused This Explosion in a Dublin Manhole

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