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I'd Like Some More Please!

sign engrish - 8218321408
Via Acid Cow

Cowboy Poetry, as Interpreted by a Vietnamese Restaurant

engrish what sign - 8306982912
Via Palstek

No, the French are Across the Sea, Silly

engrish box french funny fail nation g rated - 7491342592
Via Reddit

Do These Shoes Come in Gold?

shoes engrish knockoff funny iphone - 7819918080
By Unknown

Wearing it On Your Sleeve FAIL

fashion engrish accidental sexy lipstick clothing - 6770359296
By Unknown

Engrish Funny: Only the Finest English Words for Asian Clothing

engrish engrish funny mexico shirt - 6566786816
By Christian

The Boss's Most Recognizable Tune

engrish funny - 7427591424
By thebixby (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Your Cash is Well-Spent Here, Obviously

sign engrish accidental gross fail nation - 8074644736
By Unknown

This South Korean Teacher Doesn't Exactly Know What Hello Kitty is Getting at Here, and That's for the Best

engrish sexy times hello kitty - 8015704576
Via Reddit

Already Way Ahead of You, Sign

sign diet engrish food fail nation g rated - 7064997632
By Unknown

Engrish Funny: How Engrish Met Your Cousin

DVD engrish - 6636309760
By Unknown

This Knockoff Toy is Way Better Than the Original

engrish knockoff toys - 7939925760
By Unknown

Gold Coin and Gem Flavor

food engrish doritos fail nation g rated - 8303906304
By thebixby

Engrish Funny: But How Do We Solve the Wood Problem?

africa engrish sexy times weird what - 6592993792
By Unknown

The Tastiest Pileup You'll Ever Eat!

engrish accidental gross food fail nation g rated - 8362381568
Via Arbroath

True Representation WIN

merica food engrish grocery store Hall of Fame best of week - 6675475456
By Unknown