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So, That's Probably Awesome, Right?

sign engrish restaurant food - 8198848512
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Can't Even Get the Knockoffs Right

engrish made in china knockoff funny - 7614327808
By Unknown

This Knockoff Toy is Way Better Than the Original

engrish knockoff toys - 7939925760
By Unknown

Cool, I Love Candy Land!

engrish whoops board games wrong - 8414094848
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Dudes Understand That Feeling

phones engrish - 8161052672
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Unfortunate Coincidence FAIL

baby engrish whoops - 6796657920
By Unknown

Something Tells Me This isn't the Cross-Promotional Branding They Were Going For

apple fashion engrish nike shirt knockoff - 8015726848
By Unknown

Somebody Turn the Bass Up in These Porkchops

headphones engrish knockoff - 8336357888
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Some People Do or Don't Have These Clothes, and That's Okay

engrish dude parts accidental sexy clothes - 8002877184
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Franstrom, and Saunter By, Autoblots!

transformers engrish knockoff funny - 7572865536
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Spanish Translation of Title Here

engrish instructions spanish fail nation g rated - 8131654400
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Hey, it Worked For the G P St r e!

knock off engrish apple store - 7401208064
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It Keeps the Customers Coming Back!

accidental gross food drugs engrish - 8336333568
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What Kind of "Pleasures" Are We Talking About With This Cup?

engrish accidental sexy funny FAIL product - 7782706688
By Unknown

Marketing FAIL

engrish pepsi marketing soda coke can - 6734530816
By danielnerytondo

International Product FAIL

engrish made in china product warning - 6519722240
By Unknown