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The 8:30 to Derail-Town is Coming in!

bad idea design engineering train fail nation g rated - 8419534336
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Seen at the Hospital FAIL

cliff design door engineering whoops - 6594927360
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Just in Case You Get Winded on the First Set of Stairs

design engineering escalator temporarily stairs genius funny - 7440112128
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Easily Accessible FAIL

engineering handicapped Professional At Work - 6004394240
Created by Chris Lekanidis
Inventions so good they don't need to be improved | SaltyChickenDip 58.8k points 16 hours ago Paper clip. Last major patent 1880's

Inventions That Work Too Well to be Improved Upon

Some stuff just sticks around.
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Door Design FAIL

door engineering genius handle - 6594921984
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Uncomfortable Bathroom Experience FAIL

Awkward engineering what bathroom genius - 6724277504
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Classic: Which Is It? FAIL

design door engineering exit genius irony sign - 6592451072
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Escalator to Nowhere FAIL

design engineering escalator temporarily stairs genius - 6998068224
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More Fountain Than Water

water fountain design engineering funny - 7592314112
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How is This Fire Exit Helpful at All?

design engineering fire exit genius - 7380965632
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Perfectly Accessible, Except for That One Part

design engineering facepalm stairs genius g rated fail nation - 8244263680
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Brilliant Engineering FAIL

wait advertisement engrish engineering - 6770346240
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