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Going up? The elevator is the savior of all people, lazy and otherwise, who just can't stand the thought of a few flights of stairs. So take the easy way, the fast way, and honestly between us, the smart way. Who needs to get to their destination looking like they finished an IronMan.

When the Elevator Fails, Who You Gonna Call? Not the Police, They're the Ones Stuck

funny fail image kansas city police get rescued from elevator by fire department
Via Kansas City Missouri Police Department

You Just Can't Win Some Days

elevator facepalm funny vacuum fail nation g rated - 7935243776
By Unknown

Want to Go to the Other Elevator Shaft?

Via I Heart Chaos

This Should Make for an Awkward Ride

elevator design genius - 8175260416
Via Acid Cow

Elevate Your Mind

dumb elevator has button for floor i'm on
Via superlike
elevator FAIL tired Video - 75010817

This Tired Elevator Chime is Exactly How Everyone Feels by the End of the Work Day

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You Really Want to Take This Warning to Heart

elevator sign warning - 7960512768
Via Reddit
crazy elevator oh god why Video - 67007489

The Unluckiest Guy Gets Stuck in an Elevator With a Genuine Crazy Person. Elevator Karaoke Ensues.

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Sorry, Could You Repeat That?

warning sign elevator facepalm - 8020983296
By Unknown

Time to Take the Stairs

sign elevator bad idea funny fail nation g rated - 7752481536
Via Reddit
ouch elevator Video police fail nation g rated - 67728385

An Off-Duty Cop Accidentally Shoots Himself While Holstering His Weapon. Whoops!

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This Emergency Just Escalated

elevator facepalm funny - 7802554624
Via Reddit

One Way FAIL

elevator - 6554920704
By Unknown

Show a Little Sensitivity, Elevator

ouch elevator disabled funny - 7510729728
By Unknown

Level Two: Lingerie. Level Three: Toiletries...

elevator Awkward bathroom genius - 7061764608
Via Reddit
Music elevator stuck Video fail nation g rated - 66302977

Nine People Were Stuck in an Elevator, so They Did the Only Thing They Could: Sing Aerosmith

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