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Mouthful FAIL

timing dude parts Photo not what it looks like - 6902010880
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What Has Terrible Literature Done to Us?

news dude parts Probably bad News funny fail nation - 7843047680
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dude parts fake public transportation Subway Video - 65356545

Probably Fake of the Day: One Man Gets a Little too Excited at Exactly the Wrong Time

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Well That Doesn't Seem Inclusive at All!

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Some People Seem to Prefer it This Way, Really

sign dude parts Video - 6891975680
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Just Kidding, Exactly What it Sounds Like

teehee dude parts construction double entendre book fail nation - 6956649216
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What Are the Mechanics of That Transfer, Exactly?

wait what dude parts headline Probably bad News - 7056117760
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"I Swear This Never Happens"

ATM accidental sexy dude parts - 8259779584
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AKA Heavy Delays

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I'm Not Up for This Deal

dude parts accidental sexy editing funny newspaper - 7486769152
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Bike Seat FAIL

accidental sexy bike dude parts Things That Are Doing It - 6563393280
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Can't Find it? We'll Wait.

lady bits dude parts bathroom when you see it Wait For It - 7728048896
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dude parts Video fail nation - 64284929

Dude Parts of the Day: Kelly Ripa Pretends to Talk About the Size of the New iPhone. She is Not Talking About the iPhone.

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Do Any of You Have the Most?

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Doesn't Something Seem Weird About This "Tower of Power"?

dude parts funny not what it looks like - 7761048064
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Never Trust the Logo-Maker

logo sports dude parts - 7241333248
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