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Someone Needs to Get a Sausage-Making Project Going Here

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Some People Seem to Prefer it This Way, Really

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"It's Fine, No One Will See the Ad From Behind!"

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Usually We Just Call Them "Middle Management"

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Do Any of You Have the Most?

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Home-Made Tattoos: Bad Idea. Letting Your Drunk Friends do the Work: Even Worse Idea.

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AKA Heavy Delays

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News FAIL of the Day: Wait a Minute... That's Not a Construction Site!

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Maybe Our Children Shouldn't Have THAT Much Fun

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Lights Out FAIL

sign dude parts accidental sexy not what it looks like - 6764228608
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Can't Find it? We'll Wait.

lady bits dude parts bathroom when you see it Wait For It - 7728048896
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Time to Consult a Professional FAIL

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Running in a Suit Like That Takes... Guts.

dude parts what marathon funny weird - 7456809984
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There's a Pill for That Problem

dude parts accidental sexy spelling - 8368643840
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On the Bright Side, No Need to Get That Vasectomy Anymore!

ouch gifs dude parts right in the crotch fail nation g rated - 8363318272
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It's Not What it Looks Like!

dude parts accidental sexy not what it looks like - 7102419456
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