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AKA Heavy Delays

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Lights Out FAIL

sign dude parts accidental sexy not what it looks like - 6764228608
Created by Unknown

What Has Terrible Literature Done to Us?

news dude parts Probably bad News funny fail nation - 7843047680
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She's Walking on Dong-Shine (Whoooo-whoa)

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I Think I Saw Something Like That This Morning

dude parts accidental sexy funny - 7876440320
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via Huffington Post )

Article Juxtaposition FAIL

article news dude parts juxtaposition - 6764214272
Created by Unknown

Mouthful FAIL

timing dude parts Photo not what it looks like - 6902010880
Created by Unknown

Hey, What's That Sound?

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There's a Pill for That Problem

dude parts accidental sexy spelling - 8368643840
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College Kids in Cincinnati Added Their Own Decorations to the Field

dude parts funny graffiti uproxx - 7899458048
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Home-Made Tattoos: Bad Idea. Letting Your Drunk Friends do the Work: Even Worse Idea.

whoops bad idea dude parts tattoos Ugliest Tattoos fail nation - 8425099520
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If Only She Could See What We're Seeing...

dude parts accidental sexy Balloons fail nation g rated - 8038503936
Created by Unknown

Putting a Lot of Trust in Your Stream Integrity

bad idea bathroom dude parts gross - 8354317824
Via Brown Cardigan

Maybe Our Children Shouldn't Have THAT Much Fun

dude parts accidental sexy playground - 8349078272
Via Neatorama

Some People Do or Don't Have These Clothes, and That's Okay

engrish dude parts accidental sexy clothes - 8002877184
Via Reddit

Fill it Up FAIL

snow au naturale dude parts cold underwear - 6984305920
Created by Unknown
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