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Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Those Methodists DID Always Seem a Little Twitchy...

sign drugs church spelling fail nation g rated - 8251340800
Via throwaway_celebrate

If You're Going to Deliver Meth by Drone, Keep it Under Six Pounds

Criminally Dumb Criminal news drugs Probably bad News - 8433720832
Via NBC San Diego

The Place No One Would Expect!

ouch smuggling lady bits drugs Probably bad News - 6996996864
By G-Unit1111 (Via The Smoking Gun)

Save Detroit FAIL

detroit drugs signs - 5910028288
By okerr4256

That Should Make the Burger Taste Better

drugs marijuana funny fast food - 7677041664
By Jay Henry Rules!

Autocomplete Me: It Means He's Experimenting

Autocomplete Me drugs guys wtf - 6052945152
By greenfox59
dancing drugs Video fail nation - 63067905

Nobody Danced Quite so Hard as This Woman at Ireland's Longitude Festival

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Having Drug Test Problems?

prosthetic penises fake urine drug test
Via arbroath

Probably Bad News: The Ol' Double Fakeout

airport drugs Probably bad News stupid criminals - 5873025280
Via Daily Mail

Woman Arrested After Riding Cart in Wal-Mart While Eating Chicken and Drinking Wine

Via CBS Miami
drugs wisdom teeth Video g rated fail nation - 65570305

She Just Lost Her Wisdom Teeth, and Now She Wants Ellen Degeneres to be Her Best Friend

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drugs marijuana Video fail nation - 64816641

The Dumbest Stoner of the Week Traded a $160,000 Diamond for a $20 Bag of Weed

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drugs Video - 76851969

'Stoner Sloth' is Australia's Hilarious Way to Teach Kids That Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay?

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drugs marijuana Video fail nation g rated - 68155137

These Stoners Can't Even Handle Butterflies Right Now

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Jetstar Just Saved a Bunch of Stoners a Trip to the Clink

drugs airline Probably bad News - 8272774656
Via Brown Cardigan

Tripping on the News

drugs Probably bad News headlines newspaper - 8053801216
Via Bad Newspaper
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