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Testing the Invincible Bridge FAIL

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Man disregards his wife's directions and then all the fails ensue | r/tifu u/vistacruisin 5d Join TIFU by not listening my wife and trusting Google Maps XL First off, this actually happened today little background have had camping trip planned this weekend 8 months, and since are able socially distance and spend most our time at beach decided keep trip as planned campground are staying at is about five hour drive our house, and our plan meet my parents and my kids who were staying with my parent

Man Disregards Wife's Directions, All The Fails Ensue

Everything went wrong.
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You Have to Make Some Sacrifices for a Sticker This Awesome

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This is Some Impressive Driving Ability

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Nice and Comfy FAIL

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How Did You Drive Here?

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It Would Take a Force of Nature to Get This Car to Stop Going

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Door to Door Delivery FAIL

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Oh Hello There, Mr. Garage

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Brand New Caaaaaaar FAIL

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Kind of a Tight Fit

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Almost There... Almost There...

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Watch As Trucks Crash Into Each Other at Confederate Flag Parade in Georgia

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This Russian Road Rage Encounter Ends Exactly As You Hope It Does

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Driving FAIL

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On to the Next Mystery, Kids!

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