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It Can't be Worse Than Texting, Right?

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By Unknown
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Pulling Over FAIL

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Sorry Officer, I Must Have Forgotten To Flip My Brake Lights On

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Via MoldavianMike

Parking Revenge!

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By Unknown
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That Moment You Realize Why There is No Traffic On a Road...

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Not in My Neighborhood FAIL

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By Dan_Sandy
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There Was Only One Thing He Missed and it Was Right in Front of Him

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Plane Obvious FAIL

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A New AAA Study Shows Us What's Really Getting Teens into Car Accidents: Distraction

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ATV Delivery FAIL

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By Unknown
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FAILing Your Driving Test

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Roundabout FAIL

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By Paul T. (Via KOLO 8)
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The Sweet Sounds of British Road Rage

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Inter-Faith Discipline Will Not Save Your Bad Driving Abilities

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By Unknown
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There's an Emergency Somewhere, but This Driver in Germany Couldn't Care Less

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This Kid Will Grow Up to be a Model Floridian

funny fail news kid drives power wheels on florida highway
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