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When Drama is a Wrong Text, Take it to a Supernatural Place

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Girlfriend spends little time on boyfriend's gift, so boyfriend gets sad. | AITA being angry about gift my gf gave Not hole So some months ago my girlfriend and had our 1 year anniversary, and course exchanged gift. She hinted she would have loved ring, nothing too crazy, and got her ring addition big frame with 12 picture one picture every month been together (yes know may sound lame lol sort minimalist and don't really have anything need so she asked if there something l'd like said whatever

Girlfriend Spends Minimal Effort On Boyfriend's Gift, Boyfriend Gets Sad

She outed herself for not being considerate.
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If It's On a Bumper Sticker, it HAS to be Authentic

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Shameless Social Media Drama is a Wild Ride

funny fail image shameless facebook family drama long
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Classic and Modern Family Drama

Classic and Modern Family Drama
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college FAIL drama ridiculous - 983301

Penn State Chick Creates Ridiculous Soap Opera After Printing and Hanging Her Roommate's Subtweets

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Woman rejects her role as cool aunt cause it's just a ton of free babysitting | AITA rejecting role cool aunt" because really more like unpaid babysitter? Not hole My sister and have always been very different. Growing up, she stereotypical nerdy/geeky girl. Very into sci-fi/fantasy, video games, etc. She bonded lot with my parents over because they are same.

Woman Rejects Role Of Cool Aunt Cause It's Free Babysitting

Seems totally fair.
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