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Open the door, and a new world will dazzle your eyes. Or just show you your closet it's all in your mind's eye.

This Might Be Tricky FAIL

backwards door physics wtf - 5719833088
By Unknown


door fall push - 6306925056
By Unknown

This is Not a Push or Pull Option, Is It?

door FAIL construction concrete - 8757184000
By Unknown

That Glass Must be So Clean!

door whoops gifs fail nation g rated - 8383396608
Via trekiez_revamped

Emergency Exit FAIL

door emergency blocked safety exit - 6676790272
By Jamic77

Doggy Door FAIL

dogs door hole - 6378620416
By Unknown

Un-Door FAIL

door obvious paradox what - 6596665856
By Unknown

Uh Oh! My Bad

Funny GIF of a guy opening a glass door to a store and it breaks in a shatter of pieces.
By Iron-man01

When the Going Gets Tough, Improvise!

door repair - 7048114432
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Guess You're Stuck!

door whoops bathroom handle - 7048110848
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No, Try Again.

door FAIL signs - 8818847232
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Try Not to Wince at This Acrobatic Trick Gone Wrong

fingers door gif ouch fail nation g rated - 7994540800
By Unknown

Sometimes You Just Decide You Need to Break in the Hardest Way Possible

funny fail gif breaking through a glass door the hardest way possible
Via 26his
door Cats funny Video - 73791745

I Guess We Didn't Need to Install That Cat Door

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Door Master FAIL

door job work - 6730655488
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Seen at the Hospital FAIL

cliff design door engineering whoops - 6594927360
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