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This weekend you may have seen angry Facebook posts from friends and family saying that the "crazy" Kanye West made fun of a wheelchair-bound fan at his Australian concert for not being able to stand up before performing one of his songs.

Though we love to rail on West for his egotistical antics, the story is a bit different than that. As you can see at the 1:00 mark, West does implore the audience to stand up, he quickly realizes his mistake at around the 2:30 mark when he calls out two fans for not standing. After seeing that one is in a wheelchair he says that it's "fine" and continues playing as usual.

The moral of the story? West is not entirely some self-serving ego monster and even knows how to laugh at himself a bit when he makes a mistake. Is he a bit of a dingus? Sure. But leave the outrage at the door, please.