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Must Be a VERY Important Tag

graffiti accident waiting to happen dangerous vandalism - 8390564608
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On the Road Again, and This Time We Have Grandma!

bad idea cars dangerous - 8213782016
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warning signs that are very scary | KEEP CLEAR UNEXPLODED BOMB | don't be here after dark

Creepy Signs That Make Their Message Clear

Thanks, signs.
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Count the Ways in Which This is a TERRIBLE Idea

saw bad idea dangerous fail nation - 8105363200
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No, We Have to Flip it AROUND if it's Going to Fit That Way

bad idea couch dangerous funny - 7566386432
By Unknown

Safety First FAIL

dangerous heights safety safety first vertigo - 6619915776
By Unknown
Someone wants to make their pool Vantablack and science says maybe not

Tumblr Thread Explains Nightmarish Reason You DON'T Want A Pure Black Pool

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Is That the HOV Lane?

pets cars dangerous snake - 8193628928
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I See You've Found the "Leopard Print Shirt Trap" at the Side of the Road

trap accident waiting to happen dangerous - 7235106816
By Unknown

Still Better Than Texting

bad idea cars driving dangerous - 8007606272
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FAIL reporter news dangerous - 44576001

Reporting FAIL

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Do as I Say, Not as I Drive

driving texting irony dangerous fail nation - 8289280512
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bad idea cars dangerous Video - 66111233

It's Terrible for Your Car, but it Saves Gas!

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Lazy Rider FAIL

lazy fail nation cars driving motorcycle dangerous Hall of Fame best of week - 6739890432
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Boston's Logan International Airport is Insisting This Flaming Plane is a Part of a Safety Drill

airport dangerous news - 8203753728
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But He Looks So Lonely!

crocodile sign dangerous - 6926180864
By Unknown
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