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Hop Scotch FAIL

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Watch Out for Dangerous Grass

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Company demands that their employee get to work on a broken bike. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/gaarmstrong318 19h 1 4 5 e 4 3 5 VOTE 4 VOTED 2 Broken down bike don't care get here meeting! L Edit people asking this is UK have full motorbike licence with no restrictions. Again thank likes and awards! Also if aren't going say something nice just move on okay? Let's all be decent humans :end edit So this is about just quick bit background exclusively ride motorbikes have not got car licence. LO

Company Demands Employee Get To Work On Broken Bike

Be careful with what you ask your staff to do.
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Gliding Gone Wrong FAIL

whoops accident waiting to happen dangerous fail nation Hall of Fame best of week - 6837632512
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Perfect Time to Practice Your Fingering

guitar motorcycle dangerous funny - 7788450048
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OSHA is Not Going to be Happy With This One

ladder bad idea accident waiting to happen dangerous - 8194706688
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How About We Just Avoid Opening This Door EVER

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Perfect for (Not Safe For) Children

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That Sedan Has Five Doors Now

bad idea cars special delivery dangerous - 8350106880
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Safety Schmafety!

construction safety dangerous - 7174104576
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Just Hold On, That Should be Safe Enough

bad idea motorcycle dangerous fail nation g rated - 8104215552
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Need That Extra-Long Wheel Base?

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It's Only Slightly Poisonous FAIL

dangerous emergency gas Professional At Work - 5529914112
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Safety First, of Course!

bad idea helmet fire dangerous - 8371468544
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The Man in This Photo is Supposedly 84 Years Old. Let's See if He Can Make it to 85.

ladder bad idea dangerous - 8176081664
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Congrats on Defeating Gravity!

cars Gravity special delivery dangerous - 8431387904
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