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When You Dance Like a Douchebag, You Get Tossed Like a Douchebag


Saturday Night FAIL

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Created by Ninster

Gotta Practice For Dancing on the Bar

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dancing falling Party Video - 34456065

Dirty Dancing FAIL

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This is All Part of the Routine, Right?

ouch dancing gif fail nation g rated - 7374845440
Created by Unknown

Breaking it Down FAIL

ouch dancing gif floor - 7139160576
Created by Unknown
dancing Video - 37451265

Dance it Off FAIL

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Before and After

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dancing ouch pole dancing Video - 36426497

Stripper Practice FAIL

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Late Night Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

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dancing embarrassing cringe - 63678209

Caught in the Act of Feelin' It

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dancing Music rap Awkward - 71597313

That Moment When Your Jam Comes on, but You Go to Catholic School

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ouch dancing sports FAIL railing Video - 478468

It's All Fun and Games Until the Old Man Drops a Young Girl

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Girls Gone Wild FAIL

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Created by Unknown
dancing bad idea twerking funny Video fail nation - 56560129

The Last Place You Want to Twerk: On the Subway Tracks

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dancing drugs Video fail nation - 63067905

Nobody Danced Quite so Hard as This Woman at Ireland's Longitude Festival

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