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Open the Door, Get on the Floor, and Check Out These Dancing Fails

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Home Made Music Video FAIL

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By Unknown

Ice Turns Us All into Breakdancers

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Via Joanne Casey
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Stripper Practice FAIL

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Turn Down For What?

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Late Night Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

Via The Sourpuss

Well, This Just Got Awkward

Via Brown Cardigan
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This Sexy Dancing Animatronic Woman is the Creepiest Thing I've Seen in Weeks

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Please Stop. Please.

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You Doing Okay, Annie?

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Before and After

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Funny Christian hip-hop video, cringe videos, christianity, evangelists, televangelists | Y'all... Come look at this | This dude said f a moonwalk lemme hit the disciple slide!

Vintage Christian Hip-Hop Performance Brings The Cringe

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Harlem Shake Fail

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By Unknown

Dancing FAIL

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By Unknown

Don't Mind Us, We're Just Creeping FAIL

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By Unknown
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We Can Stop Making Twerking Videos Now: Here is a Woman Having a Little.. Accident... While Dancing

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