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Not Your Best Day FAIL

cops poop underwear - 6227946496
Via Reddit
cops bad idea motorcycle Video - 66586881

This Biker Gang of Jerks Earns Every Stereotype About Motorcyclists There is

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Fool Me Once, Typo On You...

cops cars spelling funny - 7734935808
By Unknown
cops donkey animals police fail nation - 67937793

This Donkey Just Committed a Felony Against a Police Officer

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cops dancing cute Video fail nation g rated - 63506177

This Guy Should Go Back to Upholding the Law, Not the Dance Floor

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cops FAIL arrest idiots stupid police officer police - 1164549

People Share the Stupidest Things They've Ever Said to a Police Officer, and Just, Wow

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If At First You Don't Succeed, Watch The Movie

cops news bad idea Probably bad News irony - 8412700672
By G-Unit1111 (Via Huffington Post)

Behind Every Picture of a Turkey in a Cop Car, There's a Great Story

cops cop car what Turkey fail nation g rated - 8020981760
By Unknown
cops FAIL compilation Video police - 73434625

Grab a Coffee and Donut and Enjoy the Best Cops and Robbers FAILs

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Nothing Gets the Point Across Like a Cake Message

ouch cake cops g rated fail nation - 8075261440
By jjm0006
cops Criminally Dumb Criminal whoops bad idea Video - 67936257

Threatening an Undercover Cop: Almost as Bad of an Idea as Threatening a Regular Officer

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We've All Been There Amirtye?

cops jail vodka - 7111176960
By G-Unit1111 (Via MSN)

This Can't End Well

cops whoops prank - 7341825024
By Unknown

This is Not How You Ingratiate Yourself With Local Law Enforcement

cops cheerleaders - 7138604288
By Unknown
cops road rage driving dash cam Video - 79916801

Road Rage Bros Get Instant Karma

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cops halloween Video flip - 44026369

Pranking the Cops FAIL

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