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detective job gone sketchy

Guy's Private Detective Job Takes A Turn Down Sketchy Avenue

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busted cops FAIL trapped Video exit burglar - 74756865

This Burglar Forgets To Stay Calm and Have an Exit Plan

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We've All Been There Amirtye?

cops jail vodka - 7111176960
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via MSN )

A Detroit Area Pig Gets Arrested, Proceeds to Take a Colossal Dump in a Cop Car

Via Daily Dot

This Can't End Well

cops whoops prank - 7341825024
Created by Unknown

These Cops Weren't Ohio State Fans

cops news Probably bad News fail nation g rated - 7080007424
Via Bleacher Report

When Duty and Nature Call

Via silly_vasily
cops Video police - 85402113

Female Cop Caught on Video Giving Head to Fellow Police Officer In Patrol Car When They Receive Call About Robbery

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cops Probably bad News irony Video fail nation - 63039745

This is Not "Policy Academy," but He DID Just Taze Himself

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If At First You Don't Succeed, Watch The Movie

cops news bad idea Probably bad News irony - 8412700672
Created by G-Unit1111 ( Via Huffington Post )

Behind Every Picture of a Turkey in a Cop Car, There's a Great Story

cops cop car what Turkey fail nation g rated - 8020981760
Created by Unknown
cops wwe wrestling Video police fail nation - 69340417

Cops Get Handsy With Drunk Douchebag Spring Breakers, Jim Ross Provides the Commentary

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Florida Woman Got This Apology Cake After Being Wrongfully Tased By Cop

funny fail image news florida woman gets tased by cop and then given apology cake
Via Pensacola News Journal
cops drinking alcohol FAIL driving Video police - 78457089

This is How You Talk Yourself into a DUI

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cops donkey animals police fail nation - 67937793

This Donkey Just Committed a Felony Against a Police Officer

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cops woman FAIL arrested dui - 1608197

Watch This Hot Busty Chick Do Cartwheels During DUI Stop, Still Manage to Get Arrested, and Proceed to Kick the Cop in the Dick

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