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Pretty Sure You Just Need Some New Drivers

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Watching Adult Videos at Max Volume in Library FAIL

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Some Assembly Required FAIL

chair lazy computer irony - 6746819840
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Portable Computing FAIL

computer train public transportation - 6659854336
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When Will This Hippie Nonsense End?

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computer broken toaster fail nation g rated - 6962224128
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Tiny Angel, Please Fix my TCP/IP Settings!

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All of Computer Science is for Dummies

facepalm books computer fail nation g rated - 8408741888
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Portability FAIL

youre-doing-it-wrong computer - 7136353536
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Business Sign FAIL

business computer dude parts exactly what it looks like not what it looks like p33n sign - 6519798528
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wtf FAIL kids computer - 72927489

This Kid Wants to Help Me With My Computer Troubles, But I Can't Understand a Word He's Saying

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We've All Been There, Computer

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computer live news porn - 6280904960
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customer realizes they've been scammed 6 years later | u/kingsooraj 7 hours ago TIFU by realising got scammed 6 years ago M So this happened 6 years ago. My laptop with 8 GB RAM stopped working so showed repair guy. He took laptop, repaired and returned after 2 days laptop started working again and really happy. However speed felt slower than before. Previously could open multiple chrom tabs and still be able play games while they were open but now would drop lot frames and my laptop would start

Customer Realizes They Were Scammed 6 Years Later

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company refuses to replace a computer and wastes money story | Posted by u/themcp 15 hours ago 2 45 34 8 4 won't pay $100 new hard drive? Okay, enjoy paying $22k my time deal with problem. oc L had job where had computer which incidentally, also web server very important internal web application thought this really stupid wasn't server room being managed by but some weird reason they wouldn't do didn't use this application or have anything do with but took up large chunk hard drive and made slow

Company Won't Replace One Computer, Wastes Thousands of Dollars

Great work.
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