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Vegetarian Option FAIL

common sense fast food food taco bell - 5853221888
Created by miketoasty

Explaining How a TV Works FAIL

common sense stupidity technology television - 5419228672
Created by Unknown

Portability FAIL

apple common sense computers wtf - 5702801152
Via Reddit

It's What You're Going to do Anyway FAIL

common sense Professional At Work signs - 5797342208
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ambulance cars common sense crash Video - 34294785

"I Think I Can Make It" FAIL

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Understanding Your Product FAIL

business common sense marketing wtf - 5783058432
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Probably Bad News: We Swear We Aren't Watching You

common sense Probably bad News tax dollars at work - 5984153856
Created by desaster

Learning To Bake FAIL

baking college common sense cooking Hall of Fame oven whoops - 5551457280
See all captions Created by Unknown

That's Not Empty FAIL

common sense facepalm fail nation g rated grocery store lazy shopping - 5523053568
Created by Unknown

Heeding The Warning FAIL

bicycle common sense irony stuck - 6048411136
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Ghost Riding the Whip FAIL

cars common sense crash - 6103429120
Via My Confined Space

Intelligence FAIL

common sense oh canada - 5941293824
Created by Lisa ( Via niagarafallslive )
common sense Hall of Fame Video wtf - 34769153

Understanding Leap Year FAIL

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Completely Necessary Sign FAIL

common sense irony signs - 6007351808
Created by Unknown

Nowledge Is Power FAIL

common sense school typos - 5508595712
Created by Unknown

This Plan is Full of Holes FAIL

common sense signs soccer sports wtf - 5539195136
Created by tangentiality
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