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CNN Think Scotland is Giving it 110% on Their Independence Vote

On-Air Blooper news whoops cnn scotland UK - 8322373632
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Here's a Collection of All the Best Bloopers CNN Has Made Throughout the Years

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Probably Bad News: That'll Learn 'Em!

Chyron cnn math is hard Probably bad News - 5435034368
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CNN is Hitting the News Right in the Family Jewels

news cnn - 8105628672
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CNN's Continued Coverage of Flight 370 Proves They Have No Idea How Black Holes Work

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CNN's Live Reporting Continues to Reach new Lows

live news cnn fake funny fail nation - 7439191552
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The "Blizzardmobile" is the Next Reason We Can Safely Say Don Lemon is CNN's Greatest Joke

news cnn facepalm new york Probably bad News - 8436385792
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While the Real News is Going On, CNN Has Other Plans

titanic news cnn facepalm - 8150812160
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Like, Is It Orange?

twitter FAIL cnn donald trump - 8812572416
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Probably Bad News: The Elementary Times

cnn embarrassing news Probably bad News really spelling - 5603642624
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Breaking News FAIL

Breaking News cnn - 6250664192
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busted FAIL cnn donald trump reporter new york times Video - 76153857

Donald Trump Ridiculed a Reporter With a Disability, Proving That Donald Trump is a Certified Asshole

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This Has Been a CNN Special Report!

news cnn monday thru friday g rated - 7581928192
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The Times New War Has Begun

news typo cnn font fail nation g rated - 8349091072
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