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A Very Grown-Up Christmas Indeed FAIL

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christmas Video - 66830081

Good Ole Kris Cringe-le Has a Mishap

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christmas creepy prank Video snowman fail nation - 67410177

The Scary Snowman is Back to Terrorize Christmas

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Toe Tags Are For Dead Bodies FAIL

christmas FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List jesus wtf - 5600890880
By Azina (Via

Are You Really, REALLY Excited for Christmas?

christmas accidental sexy decoration christmas lights fail nation - 8394187264
Via Acid Cow

Cultural Sensitivity FAIL

christmas hanukkah FAIL - 6871624192
By Unknown

The Christmas Dinner That Nobody Ever Asked for

food christmas dinner fail nation - 7941406464
Via Metro


christmas creepy fail nation - 7970428672
Via Reddit

Gift Recycling FAIL

Ad christmas FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List gift juxtaposition - 5566807040
By JustinRigden

Being a Real Little Monster FAIL

christmas Hall of Fame kids - 5623673600
By JasonTehRedneck

Close Enough FAIL

christmas Close Enough gingerbread holidays - 6867428608
By Unknown

Choice of Background FAIL

christmas politics religion - 5444529152
By lwh0032
christmas camel bad idea church Video animals fail nation g rated - 67453185

Another Reason to Never Have Live Animals in Your Christmas Service

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Original Gift Idea FAIL

christmas clothes gift holidays oops - 5615409152
By Unknown

Holiday Excitement FAIL

christmas accidental sexy Things That Are Doing It fail nation - 6878689024
By Unknown

Wow What an Original and Creative Valentine!

christmas cards - 7061128960
By Unknown
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