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It's Not Even 'Christmas in July' Yet, Christ

It's Not Even 'Christmas in July' Yet, Christ
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This is Exactly What We All Want to do With Carolers

christmas newspaper typo - 7970230528
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You'll Never See These Starbucks Polar Bear Cookies the Same Again

funny fail image you can't unsee Starbucks Polar Bear cookies with slit throats
Via fugaziozbourne

Some Should Have Chopped Just a Few More Logs for the Pile

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Make Sure Your Kids Believe Strongly Enough That Elf on a Shelf is Real, and to Call 911 if They Mess One Up

christmas news little girl touches elf on a shelf and fears she ruined christmas so she calls 911
Via NBC New York

Probably Bad News Classic: Isn't Santa a Red Though?

christmas Probably bad News santa - 5532135680
Created by Ted-m
christmas vine funny Video snowman - 145927

This Snowman Army Isn't Very Christmasy...

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Christmas Came Early This Year!

christmas gross accidental sexy fail nation - 8374864128
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Toe Tags Are For Dead Bodies FAIL

christmas FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List jesus wtf - 5600890880
Created by Azina ( Via )

What's the Deal With People Taking the Snmg out of Snmgfiehp?

christmas facepalm funny derp - 7845016320
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christmas decorations christmas lights - 136197

25 People Who Should Try Harder This Christmas

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A Real Life Elf on the Shelf Gets Arrested After Passing Out Drunk in His Car

christmas news drunk elf on the shelf Probably bad News - 8408603904
Via NJ

Never Trust Those Furry Little Hellbeasts

christmas whoops christmas tree Cats fail nation g rated - 8395023872
Via tpolisher

Don't Want to Hear That Sound FAIL

christmas FAIL Gifts For Your Friends on The Naughty List innuendo - 5545620736
Created by KD

Hail Christmas!

christmas fail nation g rated - 8402734080
Via Fail Nation

What Not to Do at Your Holiday Party: One Man Downed a Carton of Eggnog in 12 Seconds, and it Only Cost Him Three Days in the Hospital!

christmas news Probably bad News fail nation - 8409484544
Via ABC News
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