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Squint for Chicken

fawn in forest glasses chicken breast
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911 chicken Video - 63577857

This is Not a Hoax, a Chicken is Trying to Cross the Road and it's an Emergency

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Woman Arrested After Riding Cart in Wal-Mart While Eating Chicken and Drinking Wine

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That's One Name You Could Call it, Yeah

sign porta potty chicken gross accidental gross - 8370583040
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Desperate for Chicken FAIL

chicken Probably bad News theft weird - 7039558400
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Product FAIL

can chicken - 6437826048
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Not Like It's an Essential Ingredient FAIL

chicken fast food ingredients Professional At Work - 5444799232
Created by Colonel Sanders

Fried Chicken FAIL

chicken fast food food frozen gross wtf - 6586094848
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What's a Man and His Date Supposed to Do Around Here?

oddly specific warning sign fishing chicken - 8270527744
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Bringing Your Own FAIL

chicken fast food kfc thats-racist - 5900224000
Created by PyroDC

Other Other White Meat FAIL

Beef box chicken fail nation g rated - 6307206400
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Chicken Burglar Finally Behind Bars

burglar eats chicken falls asleep
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The Other Red-White Meat

Beef accidental gross food chicken fail nation g rated - 8241643008
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chicken rooster Video animals - 71247617

Attack of the Killer Clucks!

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freak out news chicken rooster funny Video fail nation g rated - 50528001

Somebody isn't a Fan of the Rooster

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chicken freezer grocery store meat - 6561207040
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