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Just Sign it and Pass it, 'Happy B-Day' Works For all Occasions Right?

funny fail image coworker signed condolences card with happy birthday message
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I Don't Remember the "Motorhead" Song Going Like This

whoops cards - 7062324224
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When Did Someone Make a Yu-Gi-Oh Card of Me?

engrish cards knockoff fail nation g rated - 8380989440
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Ironically, Elsa Has No Chill

funny fail image Ironically, Elsa Has No Chill
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Thankfully it's Too Late to Hang This Easter Card on the Fridge

funny parenting image easter egg card looks like a vagina
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Movie Trivia Game FAIL

answer batman cards movies trivia - 5598099712
Created by Maegan

Perfect for (Not Safe For) Children

birthday cards irony dangerous - 8055963136
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Get Over It, Just Like Elsa Did!

whoops cards frozen fail nation g rated - 8433694720
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Seems a Bit Insensitive

cards dogs fail nation - 8158775552
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Wow What an Original and Creative Valentine!

christmas cards - 7061128960
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The More Family Hoes, the Merrier!

funny fail image family christmas card is full of hoes
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An Easy Way to Decide Which Grandparent to Visit in the Nursing Home

funny parenting image grandma writes genuine card grandpa signs same here
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Looks Like Someone is Cheating...

cards cheating poker - 6998058496
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