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Snack Selection FAIL

candy snacks vending machine - 6843571968

Should I Knock Before Removing This Sticker?

candy accidental sexy fail nation - 8301044992
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German Candy is the Most Mature Candy

candy Germany - 7083625216

It Ain't Going to Peanut Itself

candy accidental sexy whoops g rated fail nation - 8342811392
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Product Representation FAIL

food packaging cookies candy best of week Hall of Fame - 6663149824

A Deliciously-Sweet Lie

candy diabeetus grocery store signs - 5517970432
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Chocolates That Are Doing It FAIL

best of week candy Hall of Fame holidays santa Things That Are Doing It - 6616575232

Mouth Hug Me, I'm Scared

candy FAIL halloween p33n - 8817809664
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This is How We've Come Full Circle

candy Music eminem spelling - 7130952960

Fail of The Day: People Have Some Very Strong Feelings About The Reese's "Christmas Tree" Cups

Fail of The Day: People Some Very Strong Feelings About The Reese's "Christmas Tree" Cups
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candy FAIL halloween parenting Video - 75539969

Now Kids, Do What Dad Says, and Not What Dad Does

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Give This Hangry-Thief a Break, He Did Leave a Note

funny fail image hungry thief steals halloween candy and leaves note
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Nice Effort!

candy you had one job vending machine skittles funny - 7667835648
candy vine tweet animals - 474884

Life is an Everyday Struggle

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Nobody Compliments the Personal Brand Quite Like That, Thanks!

candy sign gross accidental sexy - 8374860544
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American Diet FAILs

candy fatty mc fat fat food grocery store - 5497560064
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