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Being a Cooperative Citizen FAIL

bus street - 6513886976
Via No Way Girl

Getting to School FAIL

school whoops cars driving crash bus - 6699816960
Created by Unknown

Sitting on the Bus FAIL

bus face gifs kick - 6310520832
Created by Unknown

Drunken Transit FAIL

ouch FAIL gifs drunk bus fall - 6861325312
Created by TSGIGOR
ouch cars bus Video - 58610177

We've All Had Days Like This Bus Driver in Idaho

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The Perils of Having a Rubber Neck

ouch gif bus fail nation g rated - 7377861632
Created by Unknown
hotdog costume Awkward bus - 71283201

Ever Feel Like Your Friends Are Abandoning You? This Hotdog Gets it.

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We'd Better Not Disturb the Noble Creature!

cars crash bus - 8270554880
Via Joanne Casey

The Wheels on the Bus Go KLUNK KLUNK KACHUNK

whoops wheels cars funny bus fail nation g rated - 7652276480
Created by geha714
ouch news deer bus funny fail nation - 50399489

This Deer Just Really Wanted a Ride Downtown

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Where Does This Bus Go?

yolo swag funny bus - 7823030016
Via Reddit

Everybody On Board the Party Bus!

creepy school bus pr0n bus - 6867324672
Via Reddit

Inconvenient Mustache FAIL

mustache bus hitler whoops - 6653058816
Created by Unknown

We're on a Bus to Nowhere

sign whoops broken bus - 8436628992
Via Brown Cardigan

Safety FAIL

accident bus crash ironic safety - 6134060544
Created by Unknown
bus gross oh god why Video - 69868289

Vancouver Commuters Beg for Mercy as Their Bus Appears to Bleeding Horrifically

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