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Not Exactly the Orthodontic Message You Were Looking For

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purse FAIL public transportation Grand Theft Auto bus win - 75087105

After One Rider Tries to Steal Another's Purse, This Bus Driver Delivers Some Justice

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Taking the Bus FAIL

bus street - 6236876032
By Unknown

Sitting on the Bus FAIL

bus face gifs kick - 6310520832
By Unknown

Dallas City Tours is Promoting Their Business With What Some Might Call a... "Tasteless" Exploitation of Tragedy

bad idea jfk bus - 8328117248
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This is How the Universe is Unmade

cars funny bus - 7865452800
By Unknown
hotdog costume Awkward bus - 71283201

Ever Feel Like Your Friends Are Abandoning You? This Hotdog Gets it.

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FAIL drunk faceplant bus Video - 74251521

The Faceplant is Related to the Bush, Right?

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What Is It That You Do Again?

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Drunken Transit FAIL

ouch FAIL gifs drunk bus fall - 6861325312

Too Much Information FAIL

bus sign - 6307202304
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Guerrilla Marketing is Going a Little Too Far These Days

cars driving crash irony bus - 7691776256
By Unknown

The Correct Word Here is "Fewer"

sign accident cars funny bus - 7626372352
By ThisIsRyGuy

Bus Ride Bounce

ouch gifs animated bus - 6920207872
By Unknown
cars dash cam bus Video - 70687489

Brake Checking the Vehicle Way Heavier Than Yours: Still a Terrible Idea

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russia FAIL bus money Video - 76706561

If You're Gonna Dodge Paying the Bus Fare, At Least Try to Be Sneaky About It

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