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Bumper Sticker FAIL

bumper sticker cop police officer - 6434275072
Created by Unknown

Every Dumb Bumper Sticker is Better With an American Flag

grammar bumper sticker facepalm irony g rated fail nation - 8428352256
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English FAIL

bumper sticker english merica irony - 6962224896
Created by Unknown

Note the Side of the Vehicle the Sticker is On

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So That Explains the Goblins in My Brain

cars conspiracy bumper sticker - 8159874048
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Conflicting Message FAIL

bumper sticker decal fail nation g rated - 6443475456
Created by G-Unit1111

Inter-Faith Discipline Will Not Save Your Bad Driving Abilities

bumper sticker driving funny - 7867322624
Created by Unknown
sign list bumper sticker compilation irony fail nation g rated - 11781

10 Things That Prove Life is Full of Irony

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Canadian Politics: Now With More American Politics

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Driving FAIL

bumper sticker flipped jeep - 6352812544
Created by Unknown

Beg to Differ FAIL

celeb bumper sticker - 6629925376
Created by Unknown

We Weren't All Meant to Coexist, Maybe

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These Colors DO Fade, However

bumper sticker merica cars irony flag - 7059380992
Created by Unknown

The Problem With Having Political Parents

bumper sticker cars politics fail nation - 8320360192
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Nobody Has Buyer's Remorse Like Truckers

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If It's On a Bumper Sticker, it HAS to be Authentic

Via Brown Cardigan
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