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ceiling FAIL building Video - 81326593

F*cking Mondays

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FAIL weather building Video - 78399233

Apparently Even a Building Can Get a Wind Burn

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tifu guy falls from abandoned building

Sometimes You Have to Learn a Lesson the Spider-Man Way

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Shocking That This Didn't Pass Code

FAIL shower outlet building - 8605761280
By Unknown

Door to Door Delivery FAIL

building cars crashed door driving trucks - 5592025600
By H. Simpson

Theft-Proof Garage FAIL

building design Professional At Work - 5560969728
By Cosmo Jones
wind roof FAIL building Video - 80464897

The Wind Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your Roof Down

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Naughty Building FAIL

accidental sexy building name ouch - 6597313280
By Unknown

Library Nine and Three Quarters?

door design library building - 7048206080
By Unknown