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Derp Cover FAIL

derp books cover reading is sexy - 6696667392
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Seems Perfectly Fine to Me FAIL

best of week books Hall of Fame phobia pop-up book reading is sexy categoryimage - 6631985408
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Suddenly the Book Takes On a Whole New Meaning...

books accidental racism whoops reading - 8323506944
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A humorous Tumblr post imagines where books came from.

Humorous Tumblr Post Imagines Where Books Come From

Yep, checks out.
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You're Not Getting Old, Just Shuffled!

whoops books newspaper fail nation g rated - 8398777088
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"If You Love Steamy Romance, Just Wait Until You Read THIS!"

bible fifty shades of grey books fail nation g rated - 7350351616
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The Derp Cakes-by

cake books funny Nailed It - 7602030336
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Jeez Pretty Judging For a Kid's Book, She's Just Sharing Her Muffins!

funny fail translation danish children's book ending is a harsh judge
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Study Materials FAIL

engrish books - 7456826368
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A Tumblr thread that appreciates Snoop Dogg. | dandy-boi-ftm Follow best part is fact out two them Martha Stewart one who went prison. shadowkat678 Follow Wait 2fngrsin Follow Wiiiild. He did commit murder self defense no judging) and America's Best Housewife sent jail because insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction justice and conspiracy. This is wiiild

Tumblr Thread: Honoring The Legend, Snoop Dogg

What a wild read, indeed.
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twitter list puns books Cats - 638981

History Books Are Purr-Fectly Replaced With Cats Using The Hashtag #CatHistory

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Think of All the Drama and Romance You Can Have With That Extra Appendage

whoops reading books - 8217234176
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Who Organizes From Right to Left?

books facepalm funny g rated fail nation - 7890612480
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This Isn't a Library

wtf FAIL gifs books library working out - 7138299392
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Something Tells Me This isn't the Beloved Children's Classic We Were Sold on...

accidental sexy THE D books fail nation - 8289272064
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Tell Her How You Really Feel

books juxtaposition placement pregnant reading is sexy - 5737460224
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