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The FAIL Boat Comes in to Harbor

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When You're Reeling a Huge Marlin, Make Sure They Don't Almost Savage You Through the Chest

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Sorry, the Harbor is Over a Couple Blocks

failboat crash boat - 8139608064
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It Was a Boat at One Point

for sale boat funny - 7762282240
By Don B


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By Unknown

Who Doesn't Like a Boat-cicle?

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By Unknown

Watching Your Step FAIL

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Signs You Might be a Redneck

budlight boat challenge
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If This is How the Lifeboats Behave, We're in Trouble

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Definetly Not How to Catch Fish From a Boat

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This is the Most Hilariously Inept Series of Rowing Accidents You Will Ever See

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By Unknown

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Cops in a tub

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Launching the FAILBoat

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House Boat FAIL

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Big Boy vs Boat

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