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FAIL birthday candles cute parenting Video - 74423809

This Adorable 2-Year Old Really Just Can Not Blow Out His Birthday Candle

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Mom is Always Down for a Little Embarrassment

birthday burn cake moms parenting fail nation - 8228525568
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news birthday gross Probably bad News Video - 71216129

Someone Became the Literal Party Pooper at This Girl's Sweet 16

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"Two Cakes? What Do You Want Them to Say?"

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Birthday Surprise FAIL

birthday classroom newspaper school stripper - 6418894848
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The Hottest Sweet Sixteen You'll See

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Anything For BAE

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It's My Birthday And I'll Fart If I Want To FAIL

birthday juxtaposition poop - 5459340288
Created by Steve
FAIL birthday parenting florida Video - 79188993

If You Ever Wanted to Have a 'Cool Mom' Here's a Video to Make You Rethink That Wish

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bad baby names people had to be talked out of naming their kids

Dumb Baby Names People Had To Be Talked Out Of

"Meet my son, Power Rangers Johnson."
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Perfect for (Not Safe For) Children

birthday cards irony dangerous - 8055963136
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This is Easily the Classiest Way to Respond to a Wrong Text Birth Announcement

win image wrong text birth announcement ends with surprise gifts
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toddler birthday candles parenting Video - 78401025

A Little Boy Pulls Out All the Stops to Blow Out His Birthday Candle

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Blow the Candles and Make a Wish. For a Fire Extinguisher, for Example

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cake unicorn FAIL birthday Awkward - 1269253

Little Girl Asks for Unicorn Cake for Her Birthday, and Ends up With Something X-Rated Instead

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Autocorrect, I See What You Did There

birthday cake comes with blind girl topper thanks to an autocorrect fail
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