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Eating in Peace FAIL

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Another Mystery Solved, Gang!

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Why Do Birds JUST Hate This Car?

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Go Home Woodpecker, You're Drunk

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You're in the Wrong Neighborhood, Kid

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That Bird Left Behind a Work of Art

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Just Another Day in Australia

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I Swear These Birds Are Getting Bigger Every Year

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A Library in Florida is Asking Patrons to Bring Umbrellas for the Hawks, Not the Weather

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It's Swooping Season So Be Warned, Australian Magpies Have No Chill

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The Birds Are Pissed and the People Are Scared

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They Warned You Not to Feed the Birds!

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Guy feeds the crows, so the crows get back at bully neighbors for him | r/pettyrevenge u/tempthethrowaway Feathered Friends High Places Not sure if this belongs here, so let know ok? TL;DR: Had issues with neighbor over parking. Local crows l'd made friends with vandalized his cars retaliation. So background day moved into this apartment complex our across hall neighbors started bullying us. Why parked handicap spot next sidewalk building. Why handicapped.

Guy Feeds Crows, Crows Get Back At Bully Neighbors For Him

Crows can be awesome.
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Why Did the Pigeon Cross the Road? To Cause a Three-Car Pile Up

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Pinterest Dodo

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